Why fighting Digital Transformation will leave you behind

As the boundaries between digital and physical continue to blur, and new technologies disrupt the status quo, many manufacturers are faced with the challenge of digitizing their operations in order to get ahead of the competition.

While many organizations consider the potential of digital transformation (DX), many are still working through issues of trust that the technology will deliver what it promises it will. Moreover, businesses struggle to justify the expenditure without the ability to cite a proven return on investment.

With so many vendors offering a range of solutions, businesses remain skeptical about who may be telling the truth. And, they also struggle to dispel the fears their employees may have about automated processes making them redundant.

Watch this on-demand webinar as SYSPRO’s Chief Innovation Officer, Kevin Dherman, unpacks the elements of mistrust that come with the notion of digital transformation and looks at how many of these challenges can become opportunities. What you’ll learn:

  • Where digital transformation is thriving and where it isn’t
  • How jobs will be affected
  • Real life case studies about how emerging technologies have improved processes without shedding jobs
  • How businesses can apply connected technology to gain the competitive edge as well as prepare for the workforce and customer of tomorrow


Kevin Dherman
Chief Innovation Officer, SYSPRO Corporate

Kevin has been at SYSPRO since 1999 and has played a key role in defining the architecture and development of e.net Solutions, SYSPRO Reporting Services, SYSPRO Office Integration and most recently SYSPRO Espresso Mobile. Kevin believes that research and development is a key component of innovation and together with his team devotes much time to investigating new technologies, integration strategies and development. Kevin often works closely with the Microsoft development team in Redmond, whilst in the RND stages of a new module. He is regularly invited to lecture at Microsoft Tech-Ed and Microsoft Developer Days.

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