Why entry-level software doesn’t support the growth of modern manufacturing

The world of manufacturing and distribution has entered a period of change unlike any other throughout history – escalating regulations, increasing global competition, and the adoption of automation/Industry 4.0 technology capabilities that can quickly make or break a business if you take too long to adapt to the pace of your industry.

This impact is more profound on emerging companies that have grown steadily or rapidly, and now find themselves needing to upgrade beyond their current accounting software (like QuickBooks) to an ERP Solution that is better able to support growth, track inventory and costs. All too often as companies grow and evolve, they stitch together a makeshift solution. They may be using their original accounting software in addition to separate inventory, forecasting and warehousing systems, and so on. Does this sound familiar? If so, chances are you’re manually combining reports in Excel or spending too much time importing and exporting data. There’s no denying your business needs to change and it’s important to ensure your new solution will fit the long-term plan.

Join Karen Chang of Umbrella Consulting Vancouver and Dale Kehler of SYSPRO Canada as we explore why accounting packages tend to fall short when growth is on the horizon and what you can do about it. In this webinar, you’ll also learn:

  • The signs that let you know it’s time to make a change
  • What to consider when replacing your software
  • How to determine your requirements for a new system
  • What to consider from a software vendor
  • How to properly plan your migration
  • Best practices for implementing ERP


SteveB - Presenter
Karen Chang
Managing Director, Umbrella Consulting

Karen Chang is a Chartered Professional Accountant with 20 years of ERP experience working with manufacturing and distribution companies. She has worked with various ERP systems including Microsoft and SYSPRO. Karen has been a consultant, controller, project manager, National Consulting Services Manager for an ERP software company, and has also worked for KPMG’s Advisory team helping with major ERP software selection projects. Currently Karen works for her own management consulting business, Umbrella Consulting Vancouver. And in her spare time, Karen volunteers on two boards, and also volunteers with UBC’s mentorship program

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