Hear from our experts as they discuss how rising foreign wages, the cost of shipping, tariffs on parts and finished products are some factors motivating companies to re-shore

There’s been a huge shift in manufacturing around the world over the last few months and with uncertainties looming, the advantages of offshoring are quickly diminishing. Manufacturers are looking for ways that can help them gain control over their supply chains to make them more resilient, agile and predictable in this new age of uncertainty.

Re-shoring could be a solution but there are challenges and considerations around labour shortages, workforce upskilling and tariffs that need to be addressed.

In this session our panel of experts discuss:

  1. Challenges faced by Canadian Manufacturers – including technology, labour, connectivity, tariffs and more
  2. What Canadian Manufacturers need to invest in to bring in more predictability in their business
  3. The risks associated with distributed and fragmented supply chains
  4. What it takes to successfully onshore manufacturing
  5. Funding support available to Canadian manufacturers


JP Giroux copy

Jean-Pierre Giroux President

WillMazgay copy

Will Mazgay
Editor, Canadian Manufacturing

Justin T copy

Justin Taraborelli
VP, Weighpack

Julie Briand copy

Julie Briand
Director of Supply Chain Sure Shot Solutions


SteveB - Presenter

Steve Bassaw
Product Manager

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