How to access up to $20B in grants and incentives annually

In a recent survey, Canadian manufacturing executives stated that investment in technology and innovation will be the keys to growth during the turbulent economic times ahead. Whether it’s technology, machinery or digital transformation, Canadian Manufacturers are moving forward and 90% of them plan to spend at least 3.6% of their revenue on innovation in 2019.  The important question is how they plan to fund this growth.

Grants and incentives can be an important source of funding for manufacturers. In fact, governments in Canada disburse more than $20B annually through grants and incentives. Yet actioning this funding can be time-consuming and expensive. This might be why only 28% of manufacturers surveyed said they took advantage of government grants/direct funding last year and 70% will be self-funding growth through internally-generated cashflow.

Join Teri Kirk of Funding Portal, as we explore the government funding and incentives available to Canadian manufacturers and the accessibility of these programs to businesses like yours

You will learn:

  • What grants and incentives exist for manufacturers in Canada
  • Who gets this funding and for what
  • How your business can qualify for funding or incentives
  • How the 2019 federal budget could impact funding



Teri Kirk
President of Funding Portal
Teri Kirk has a Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall and a Master’s degree from Queen’s University focused on digital transformation. She is a sought-after speaker on access to grants and incentives and a frequent guest on BNN. Her TEDx Talk on Financing Innovation highlighted how digital solutions are transforming access to funding.

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