How to ensure the success of your digitalization strategy

The pandemic exposed a range of vulnerabilities in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Process inefficiencies, the speed at which businesses were able to respond, lack of automation and the inability to support remote work or track data across disparate systems were just some of the gaps that were amplified, leaving some manufacturers and distributors scrambling.

To meet customer demands, gain a competitive edge through optimized operations and achieve faster response times, many businesses are accelerating adoption of digital technologies that can give them the cross departmental control and visibility that they need to maximize profitability.

Adopting an ERP is often a great place to start as it seamlessly integrates business operations from accounting, manufacturing, CRM to HR. However, there are various misconceptions that exist about ERP systems that prevent organizations from realizing their many benefits.

If your manufacturing or distribution business is considering implementing an ERP system, this session is just for you. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • The common errors businesses make when implementing ERP systems
  • What kinds of businesses are the right fit
  • What benefits you can expect from an ERP system and what you shouldn’t count on
  • How to measure ROI


SteveB - Presenter


Steve Bassaw, Product Manager, SYSPRO Canada
Steve Bassaw is a supply chain professional with over 20+ years of experience in Planning, Scheduling, and Purchasing. He has the APICS CSCP designation (Certified Supply Chain Professional) and at SYSPRO he has been in diverse roles such as Support, Consulting, Product Management, and Solution Architecture. He gained hands on experience using ERP to improve Operations and Supply Chain. Steve is also Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Business/IT program at BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology), contributing his knowledge on how Information Technology is used to support real world business requirements.


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