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Take Control of Your Shop Floor for Improved Business Performance

View this recording to learn how SYSPRO ShopClock helps organizations using SYSPRO take better control of the shop floor resulting in accurate job costing and improved employee productivity tracking.

Learn how to achieve smart shop floor management.

Since 1996, SYSPRO ShopClock has been capturing employee time quickly and accurately from the shop floor into SYSPRO in real-time. Used by over 180 companies globally, SYSPRO ShopClock helps companies see what’s happening on their shop floor directly from their SYSPRO ERP system. This helps companies track and improve employee productivity, accurately capture labor costs to directly improve your bottom line and provide real time view of the shop floor to better manage shop floor resources.

In this 20-minute overview video, designed specifically for SYSPRO customers, you will learn:

  • Key questions to ask about your shop floor, in order to achieve smart shop floor management
  • 6 critical benefits derived from implementing an automated labor data collection solution
  • Practical ways in which SYSPRO ShopClock can be used to help control your shop floor performance

Bob Walker

Bob Walker
Account Manager | SYSPRO Canada

With over 15 years of sales and consulting experience helping technology companies get the most value out of their ERP systems, Bob has dedicated most of his career to managing customer and partner relationships.

In Bob’s current role as Account Manager for SYSPRO Canada, he is responsible for customer success and managing the manufacturing and distribution customer base in the Nova Scotia market of Canada. Bob’s broad experience in ERP and connecting processes and information across the enterprise, has allowed him to develop complex and significant business solutions for SYSPRO customers.

Bob also plays a significant role as the SYSPRO ShopClock Product Specialist for the past 10 years, which includes product demos and selling the premier labor data collection module to both SYSPRO clients and SYSPRO resellers worldwide.