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SYSPRO ShopClock Factsheet

Shopclock Factsheet

Used by over 180 customers across the globe, SYSPRO ShopClock helps companies see what’s happening on their shop floor directly from their SYSPRO ERP system.

SYSPRO ShopClock helps companies:

  •     Track and improve employee productivity
  •     Capture accurate labor costs to directly add to your bottom line
  •     See and report on shop floor labor activities in real-time to better manage your shop floor resources

Download the factsheet to learn more about SYSPRO ShopClock.


Glen Burnett, President of Trecan Combustion reinforces the value of implementing SYSPRO ShopClock and the benefits they’ve garnered from it.

"ShopClock gives management a real-time view of what is happening on our shop floor. ShopClock displays each question on the screen in a logical order, and our employees learned this technology easily and with minimal training. Trecan has benefited from ShopClock by capturing accurate labor costing against our jobs, allowing our engineers to apply this information into the estimated labor for new jobs with great accuracy."