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The Shop Floor: Practical Solutions to Achieving and Sustaining Excellence in Manufacturing

how to transform shop floor productivity and performance

The Shop Floor: Practical Solutions to Achieving and Sustaining Excellence in Manufacturing - SYSPRO Canada

View this on-demand webinar and learn how you can connect the shop floor to the top floor—and gain a competitive advantage.

Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity, improve operational output and achieve sustainable excellence in manufacturing. Shop floor performance is especially challenging for today’s manufacturers, who operate in an age of complex production and supply chain environments. Business managers who oversee plant operations are not always well-equipped to deal with the results when shop floor operations are not streamlined or optimized.

In this session, exclusively designed for manufacturing leaders, George Barnes, Operations Kaizen Leader at Argus Industries, and Darshnee Shah, Product Manager at SYSPRO Canada, share their deep industry insights into how to transform shop floor productivity and performance, including how to prepare your people, processes, and technology—in the pursuit of a competitive advantage.

This 45-minute on-demand webinar highlights:

  • Key considerations for shop floor success and common pitfalls to avoid
  • How to get started streamlining business processes for improved productivity
  • Leveraging integrated shop floor technology and ERP functionality
  • Real-life lessons learned from Argus Industries

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George Barnes

George Barnes
Operations Kaizen Leader | Argus Industries

George is the Operations Kaizen Leader for Argus Industries and, over the past 5 years, has led several successful kaizen events that have improved overall performance on the shop floor. He began his Lean journey in 2006 and successful became a Certified Black Belt in Lean Manufacturing in 2012. Although George has over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing, his passion is using the Lean tools he has learned to help him drive the organization to continuously improve.

Darshnee Shah

Darshnee Shah, CSCP
Product Manager | SYSPRO Canada

Darshnee is a Product Manager at SYSPRO and leverages her significant understanding of the product to provide practical solutions for SYSPRO Canada’s customers and prospects. She has over 14 years’ experience in Information Technology and specific experience in leveraging technology to address the business and process needs for Canadian Manufacturers and Distributors. Darshnee has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia with a specialization in Management Information Systems and is CSCP Certified from APICS.